Share your personal memories

You can have a personal Tribute page established for your loved one. After it is set up, you can have your personal memories added to the Tribute page of your loved one. Simply click on the Butterfly link below, answer the questions and under the subject line, enter the name of your loved one. Under Comments, put the memories and thoughts you would like to have appear on the Tribute page. Your name and email address will be added to your special memory unless you specifically request otherwise in the comments section. When you are done, click on send. Your memories will be added to the Tribute page of your loved one within 48 hours.

Some ideas you might consider when you put your memories together are ways your life has been made better by the decedent; special moments or vacations you shared; humorous incidents; special friendships; vocation/career; interests/hobbies; values/beliefs; challenges/triumphs. Remember, this is your expression of honor to your loved one and friend. Make it personal.

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If you would like to submit a photograph, please scan it into your computer and save it as either a .jpg or a .gif only. We cannot use any other format for photographs. Then click on the butterfly link below to email it to us.

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For more advanced users, if you have a specific midi file you would like to have in the background of a new page, please click on the notes below and submit it as a “.mid”

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