Meet our founder and director,
Glenn E. Midgley

Following a life-time dream, Glenn E. Midgley established Gardenside Funeral Service, Inc. in May of 1999. He dedicated Gardenside to serving people of all faiths, walks of life, financial status, and lifestyle, without question or prejudice. Believing funeral service to be a very special ministry, he began his career in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he was born. He came to Southern California to attend Cypress Community College’s “Department of Mortuary Science” in the fall of 1983. During the time he spent in school, he tutored several classmates and was instrumental in helping them graduate. At his graduation ceremony, he was presented with the “Bauffman Award”, given to those who did the most to help their fellow students. He was also awarded the “Mu Sigma Alpha”, a fraternity of scholars in Mortuary Science, presented only to those who achieved a 4.0 grade point average. Following graduation, he finished his apprenticeship and earned his Embalmer’s License in the fall of 1985. Glenn worked at a couple different funeral homes from 1985 until 1999, when he established Gardenside Funeral Service.

In December 2003, he changed the name, along with the logo and motto, to reflect his deep belief that, funeral directors are like lighthouses.

“A caring funeral director is like a lighthouse that provides gentle guidance through a storm. With care and compassion, I believe that we are able to serve those who come to us for guidance through their storm and help to carry them through to a place of comfort and rest.”

Glenn’s accreditations and affiliations include:
     Licensed Embalmer #EMB-7549
     Licensed Funeral Director #FDR-102
     Life Agent License #0783611
     Notary Public
     Member – National Funeral Directors Assoc.
     Member – National Notary Assoc.
     Member -South Gate Chamber of Commerce
     Member – Bellflower Chamber of Commerce
     Member – Better Business Bureau
     Member – National Federation of
                          Independent Business

Logan Chase Russo, Glenn’s first and only grandson (at this point) and his PRIDE AND JOY, was born April 28, 2003